1. Caterina Murino Speaks On Her Steamy Scene In Casino Royale

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-07

    In day two of The Sun‘s ‘007 week,’ Bond girl Caterina Murino has spoken about her steamy scenes with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

    ‘Solange isn’t the classical Bond girl,’ she says. ‘She is not out to kill James, she is just very upset in her life. Then one night she meets Bond… and has sex with him. We are like two animals. We are not going to be friends, me and James, we are only sexual things.’

    She explains that it was easy to relax during the scene in Casino Royale. ‘Daniel was very nice to me,’ she says. ‘And the director, Martin Campbell, was wonderful. He made us very comfortable. Unfortunately it was very short, but very nice.’

    ‘For me the most important thing as an actress was to work with Daniel, he is a huge actor,’ says Murino on Craig. ‘And it was a big surprise to become a Bond girl. When I went for the casting I thought an American girl would get the part, not me–a small girl from Sardinia…’

    Murino also explains how she almost missed out on the role. ‘I was preparing for an Italian movie and I fell down. I broke a rib on my right side. I was in hospital, completely under drugs, but I still went to the casting even though I couldn’t walk. That was unusual, because the Bond girl is always so full of energy!’

    ‘But Martin Campbell called me back to go to London and I got the role.’

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