1. Barbara Broccoli Pleased With Reaction To Daniel Craig

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-07

    Producer Barbara Broccoli has spoken to the Toronto Star in regards to the reactions to Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale.

    ‘I’m really incredibly gratified in the reaction to Daniel, because I think he’s a spectacular actor,’ Broccoli said. ‘And I think he’s so happy that people are accepting him.’

    Broccoli is also pleased that Paul Haggis (Crash) signed onto the film to work on the screenplay. ‘We had a great script to begin with, and he just made it better,’ she said.

    Even though Craig is a brand new 007 in the series, the topic of a future Bond actor came up, and Broccoli said a Canadian actor could be a possibility.

    ‘I think a Canadian could work,’ she said at a Casino Royale press junket. ‘I’m pretty dubious about [casting] an American, because it’s just a different sensibility… there’s a sort of Commonwealth sensibility, which I think is a sort of a requirement.’

    ‘When they did Casino Royale for CBS they had an American and they called him Jimmy Bond. And they didn’t seem to really pull it off,’ Broccoli said.

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