1. Daniel Craig & Casino Royale Come Through With Flying Colours

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-05

    The Times reports that Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond in Casino Royale is a ‘007 triumph.’

    ‘Daniel Craig has come through with flying colours as Ian Fleming’s sadistic secret agent … in the most violent Bond film yet.’ The review labels Craig’s performance as rescuing the series after 2002’s Die Another Day.

    Actress Monica Bertei said: ‘He’s very sexy. It’s a lot more graphic and gritty than in the past.’ Graham Rye, 55, editor of 007 Magazine (Click here to read the Graham Rye CBn interview), said: ‘I haven’t been as excited about a Bond film for years. He’s the best Bond ever.’

    No James Bond film is perfect, however. While the one-liners at stunts of the film are worthy of praise, they are ‘almost enough to forgive the absence of Q, and the pain of an appalling theme song, sung by Chris Cornell.’

    The bottom line? ‘It seems we have underestimated you, Mr. Craig.’

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