1. Gary Powell And His Stuntmen 'Beat The Fear' For Casino Royale

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-04

    When it comes to discussing scenes from Die Another Day that James Bond fans didn’t care for, the CGI wave seems to almost always appear on the list. But Casino Royale has moved away from the computer effects and back into the stunts with coordinator Gary Powell and his crew. The Times reports…

    Gary Powell, stunt coordinator on the newest 007 film, is no stranger to the Bond series. He has previously worked on such films as GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough, having performed the barrel roll with the Q Boat during the Thames chase of Pierce Brosnan’s third film.

    ‘This is one of the most physical Bonds we’ve had, and Daniel does do a lot of his own stuff,’ says Powell of Casino Royale. ‘He wants to do all his own stuff. I have to stop him at certain levels because of the risk factor. He’s got no ego at all, which is fantastic for me. The problem comes when you get an actor who wants to do all his own stunts, but can’t.’

    Powell labels CGI, which reached a peak in the Bond series with Die Another Day, ‘boring.’ He says: ‘Nowadays, the audience are so clever. They know when it’s visual effects, they know when it’s real… when you go back to Buster Keaton, doing all those car chases, or Harold Lloyd, they were literally just missing each other. That’s when people go, “Did you see that?” That’s what I sort of want to get back to.’

    ‘For us, it’s beating the fear,’ says Powell. ‘You get frightened of something, you go in there and you beat it. It’s a nice feeling.’

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