1. Casino Royale Shows Bond 'As A Human Being'

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-04

    The Los Angeles Times reports that Casino Royale brings something new to the series with a ‘bloodied Bond’ and one that ‘sometimes thinks with his heart instead of his head.’ In short, a human being…

    ‘We haven’t seen Bond bloodied before,’ says director Martin Campbell. ‘But this is a tougher movie. When he fights, he bleeds and, emotionally, he can also get wounded. An idea that comes straight from the book is he finds some of the violence in his world ugly. He’s not comfortable with messy, brutal killings. We show Bond as a human being, who sometimes thinks with his heart instead of his head. He’s vulnerable, and he can be that way without being a wuss.’

    The reason why? Ian Fleming. ‘By virtue of the book, this film is more realistic and down to earth than any Bond movie we’ve seen in years,’ says Campbell.

    A bloodied and wounded James Bond at times meant alot of training for Daniel Craig. ‘I did three months of solid training before shooting started,’ he says. ‘I wanted to make sure that if the shirt came off, I’d look like I could hurt somebody. It wasn’t about, ‘Oh, he’s got a good body.’

    ‘I don’t think anyone could have come in [to the role] without being heavily criticized,’ continues Craig. ‘Or at least heavily analyzed… We are living in that world now, where everything can be scrutinized.’

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