1. Details On Casino Royale's Irish 15A Certificate

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-04

    The Times reports on a small record Casino Royale has already broken before it is released: the first Irish 15A certificate for a James Bond film.

    Daniel Craig’s debut as 007 is suitable only for those 15 years of age and older, unless accompanied by an adult, according to the Irish censor. It is the first Bond film in the series to receive the specific certifcate: previous Brosnan Bond films were rated 12A.

    ‘This would not be a 12A to us because of the violence,’ said John Kelleher, the Irish film censor. ‘This is a 15A and I think parents will agree. There is a particularly strong scene; there are several. And our classification is based on the totality of the film, not on one scene. It’s not saying that kids can’t see it but the person who can decide that is the parent. The 15A as opposed to the 12A is a very strong signal that this contains strong violence.’

    However, both Sony and cinema managers aren’t worried that the higher certificate will limit the success of Casino Royale.

    ‘John (Kelleher) is using the 15A to advise people he feels the content is particularly suitable to a certain group and not to another. We are happy with that,’ said Peter Taylor, managing director of Sony Pictures.

    Fran McCormick, manager of the Dara cinema in Naas said: ‘They’re trying to create a new format with this Bond, more tough… kids can go in and see it with their parents or guardians. It hasn’t been given a 16 certificate which would be strictly that age and no lower.’

    It was previously announced that Casino Royale had received a 12A certificate from the BBFC, although some edits (in the torture sequence specifcally) had to occur for the film to get the rating.

    ‘If they want to reinstate the material we thought they should remove (for a DVD release), it would get a 15,’ said a BBFC spokesperson.

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