1. Casino Royale: 'Not Your Average Bond Film'

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-04

    While the world premiere of Casino Royale is still a few days away, early reviews of the 21st James Bond film are already labeling it as ‘not your average Bond film’ – reports the BBC.

    Comparing Daniel Craig to Sir Sean Connery, a popular choice by fans as the best Bond actor, seems to be the path some reviews are taking.

    Craig ‘steps with full assuredness into Sean Connery’s old handmade shoes,’ says the Daily Telegraph. ‘It’s Bond, but not as we’ve known it. The guns and action are there… the girls are certainly there… but the clonking double entendres of the old days are gone–in their place is a much more teasing, smartly written prospect.’

    The Times was equally as favourable with its review, saying: ‘Craig is up there with the best–he combines Sean Connery’s athleticism and cocksure swagger with Timothy Dalton’s thrilling undercurrent of stone-cold cruelty.’

    Craig delivers ‘a far more plausible Bond than many of his predecessors. But his main asset quickly becomes evident. He can act.’

    Another critic called Casino Royale ‘the best Bond film since GoldenEye,’ director Martin Campbell’s first 007 adventure. ‘From the start you can tell this isn’t your average Bond film.’

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