1. Daniel Craig 'Knuckles Down' For Casino Royale

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-11-04

    With the world premiere of Casino Royale just days away now, the Bond world has seen a constant inflow of new articles regarding Daniel Craig’s taking on the role of James Bond. The Times reports that he is easing into the role of 007…

    ‘I’d be lying to you if I said I ignored it all,’ says Craig when asked about the harsh criticism he received early on after being announced as Bond #6. ‘And it’s that horrible thing with the internet, it’s like the drug we’ve got in the front room. I mean, we might use it for sensible things some of the time, but there’s always an hour in our lives where we just end up looking at s–t.’

    ‘And I’ve got two choices. I can either buckle under it or knuckle down, and, hopefully, the latter has happened. I just went “OK, let’s get on with it.” And at the end of the day I’ve given 100 per cent on this, I’ve given everything I could. And I’ll present it and if people don’t like it, stuff ’em. I’m not being rude, I’m just saying that I’ve given it my best shot.’

    Praise from director Martin Campbell is no new thing as well. Comparing him with the first official Bond actor. He is good-looking, but he’s more unconventional, tougher and darker. This Bond had to be darker and Daniel can convey that, rather like Sean Connery. Connery had that presence on the screen of someone who could definitely take care of himself. Daniel has that, too.’

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