1. Casino Royale Official Marketing Partners

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-10-28

    The official Casino Royale website has recently opened up a new section with details on the marketing partners of the newest James Bond film.

    While many Bond fans are already aware of some of the companies, such as Smirnoff and Heineken and their involvement in the film, other details may be new. The full list includes:

    #1 – Atlantis:

    Kerzner International, owners and operators of Atlantis, Paradise Island, The Bahamas, and the One & Only Ocean Club were proud to be included as locations in Casino Royale. Atlantis, will be included as a sweepstakes destination in Sony’s International campaign, and with other Sony and Casino Royale partners.

    #2 – Bollinger:

    The history of Bollinger spans five dedicated generations of the same family rooted in the Champagne region.

    Bollinger is one of the very few family owned Champagne businesses that can claim to be a household name worldwide…

    #3 – Brioni:

    Further details coming soon.

    #4 – Ford:

    Further details coming soon.

    #5 – Heineken:

    With the launch of its “World of Bond” global campaign, Heineken will offer its consumers unique and exciting access to Casino Royale. Beginning in November, Heineken will bring fresh, unexpected experiences and entertainment to the James Bond audience on a global scale…

    #6 – Omega:

    Bond is back and as the intrepid secret agent enters the Casino Royale on his first mission as 007 the stakes are perilously high. Will his impenetrable demeanour and tactical moves be enough to break the concentration of his notorious opponent “Le Chiffre” and beat him at the poker table? As the intrigue unfolds James Bond knows that apart from his instinct, his only ally on this arduous assignment he can trust implicitly is the precision and accuracy of his Seamaster Professional…

    #7 – Persol:

    Persol, the historic eyewear brand that has represented the ultimate expression of Italy’s finest craftsmanship, taste and style since 1917, is once again the exclusive sunglass choice for James Bond. The legendary British secret agent has chosen two frames that are featured prominently in the new 007 movie Casino Royale. Already wearing Persol in the previous movie Die Another Day, James Bond, played here for the first time by British actor Daniel Craig, perfectly embodies the Persol values of coolness, stylishness and effortless sophistication…

    #8 – Smirnoff:

    The return of Bond will also mark the return of another icon – SMIRNOFF Vodka.

    The close partnership between Smirnoff Vodka and Bond began in 1962’s Dr. No, when the villain hands Sean Connery a “Martini, shaken not stirred” made with SMIRNOFF Vodka…number one-selling premium distilled spirit in the world, as James Bond’s vodka of choice…

    #9 – Sony Ericsson:

    If anyone loves gadgets, it’s Bond. So you won’t be surprised he shows off a special edition mobile phone by Sony Ericsson in his latest movie.

    MI6 were understandably proud of the K800i, and so are we. Now Bond has no excuse to go missing in action, and neither do you. Instead, you can reccy your whereabouts and share them with friends or family. Bond’s not alone in appreciating the new K800i’s imaging specs:…

    #10 – Sony Style

    Bond is back. In anticipation of the new Bond thriller, Casino Royale, you’ll find Casino Royale gear available only at Sony Style…

    #11 – Turnbull & Asser

    Turnbull & Asser, the world renowned Jermyn Street shirt maker, is proud to be launching its first “Limited Collection” Shirt and Bow Tie combination to be featured in the new blockbuster film Casino Royale

    #12 – Virgin Atlantic

    Further details coming soon.

    Official Casino Royale website

    Visit the official Casino Royale website for the full details on each partner and their involvement in the film.

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest Casino Royale coverage.

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