1. Casino Royale – Official Website Report #21

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-10-25
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    The official Casino Royale website blog has been updated by ‘Yarborough.’ Coverage this time centers on David Arnold’s music for Casino Royale.

    Recorded at AIR studios, where former Beatles/Bond composer George Martin also worked, the score for the film attracted the interest of Daniel Craig, who was reportedly more hands on in this department compared to previous 007 actors.

    ‘Watching Daniel Craig in the role, the thing that struck me about it was this notion of masculinity in music,’ says Arnold.

    The film also features the main title song ‘You Know My Name,’ performed by Chris Cornell. On the decision of Cornell for the part, Arnold said: ‘I was quite ashamed. Because I have been a fan of his for years. I just thought that’s the only idea that makes any sense to me because when I see Daniel Craig in that role, I am thinking what do I want to hear and when you hear Chris sing, especially on this song, you know there’s no mistaking what the whole thing is about.’

    Cornell said of the process: ‘It’s a kind of disconcerting in a way [working with a large orchestra]. It’s actually fairly new for me and of course it really lends itself to the feel of the song and the fact that it’s a Bond theme song and so I am excited to see what it will sound like when it’s all finished.’

    Read the entire report here on the official James Bond website.

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