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  1. Casino Royale 30 Second Soundtrack Cues Online

    ***Warning***: The official tracklist for the Casino Royale soundtrack contains a major plot spoiler for the film.

    30 second cues for all 25 tracks on the Casino Royale soundtrack have been released online at SonyMusicStore.

    While they are only samplers of each cue, CBn forum members are already discussing how well this James Bond score compares to David Arnold’s previous three. As earlier reported, the main title theme of film–Chris Cornell’s ‘You Know My Name’–is not included on in this tracklist. Click here to listen to the Casino Royale soundtrack cues. What do you think of the latest Arnold Bond score? Share your thoughts here on the CBn Forums.

    The Casino Royale soundtrack will be released on 13 November in the UK and on 14 November for US Bond fans. While Chris Cornell has already completed the music video for ‘You Know My Name,’ (which is set to be released on 30 October) details on the CD single are yet to be released.

    Pre-order the Casino Royale soundtrack from (13 November 2006)

    Pre-order the Casino Royale soundtrack from (14 November 2006)

    ***Warning***: Track Listing Contains Spoilers. Highlight to Read.

    1. African Rundown
    2. Nothing Sinister
    3. Unauthorised Access
    4. Blunt Instrument
    5. CCTV
    6. Solange
    7. Trip Aces
    8. Miami International
    9. I’m The Money
    10. Aston Montenegro
    11. Dinner Jackets
    12. The Tell
    13. Stairwell Fight
    14. Vesper
    15. Bond Loses It All
    16. Dirty Martini
    17. Bond Wins It All
    18. The End of an Aston Martin
    19. The Bad Die Young
    20. City of Lovers
    21. The Switch
    22. Fall of a House in Venice
    23. Death of Vesper
    24. The Bitch is Dead
    25. The Name’s Bond… James Bond

    The previously released (and uncorrect) tracklist for the Casino Royale soundtrack had the following differences:

    • Track 1 was ‘Licence 2 Kills’
    • Track 3, ‘Unauthorised Access’ was previously not included
    • Track 11 was ‘Dinner Jackets & Dinner Jackets’
    • Tracks 19-25 were previously not included

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest news on Casino Royale.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2006-10-20