1. Daniel Craig Is The 'Best Bond Ever' According To Barbara Broccoli

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-10-15

    Virgin reports that Barbara Broccoli, producer of Casino Royale along with stepbrother Michael G. Wilson, has called Daniel Craig the ‘best Bond ever.’

    In an interview with UK movie magazine Hotdog, Broccoli said: ‘He’s such a superb actor. He’s incredibly sexy, he’s very charismatic, he has enormous screen presence and when he takes on a role he completely inhabits the character, and in this case he did everything.’

    ‘He’s phenomenal. I think audiences will really embrace him … he’s the best Bond ever.’

    Director Martin Campbell was previously quoted as calling Craig the best Bond actor as well in March 2006, saying: ‘I am convinced that Craig is the best actor who has ever–and I mean ever–played James Bond.’

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