1. Teaser Trailer Revealed?

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2006-04-30
    Teaser Poster

    “I see your five grand and raise you this Walther…”

    If you want big Casino Royale news these days it seems it can no longer be found through the official channels. Hardly twenty four hours have passed since CBn reported the unveiling of the pant-wettingly superb teaser poster than we hear murmurs of the teaser trailer being shown on French television.

    What do they have in common (apart from being about James Bond)? Both stories were uncovered and exposed in a matter of hours purely through diligent web-browsing and internet gossip. Ah, the information age!

    In a smart move by the Sony marketing department, the teaser poster (right) focuses on a suitably moody Daniel Craig as Bond, further establishing him as the 007 du jour. Fan reaction to the poster has been universally positive, with many on the CBn forum praising its “air of sophistication” and “class”. Words such as “amazing” and a million various synonyms have been bandied about and one member even outed it as “probably the best Bond poster since…well, I don’t think that they’ve ever made a Bond poster as good as this one”.

    Good job all-round then.

    Now, back to the trailer: fans are currently awaiting its arrival on cinema screens worldwide this May, however it seems some of our Gallic friends have had the pleasure of an early visit from 007 thanks to film show CINESIX on French channel M6.

    Those who want to know about the trailer feel free to highlight the text below.

    Details on the trailer are obviously sketchy, but it seems to be a heavily stylised effort featuring black and white material we know to be from the pre-titles sequence. The voiceover heard in the trailer was apparently from Dench’s M expressing a dislike for Bond’s “bulldozer” tactics and a lack of faith in his ability to handle a Double-0 assignment. Craig’s Bond then summarises his job as “part monk, part soldier”. A member from the SuperHeroHype forums continues:

    “They…show the gunbarrel shot, which was in a bathroom….There were many shots that corresponded with the picture(s) we’ve seen (Bond and the girl on the beach, Bond with the Hawaian(sic) shirt, the guy running and jumping, Bond getting out the plane… etc.)
    The last thing I remember was the black screen with 007 written, then the first “zero” becomes the “o” of Casino and the second the “o” of Royale…”

    Forum member “bweurk”

    We were under the impression that the trailer would air with The Da Vinci Code on the 19th of May, but could this sudden sighting indicate that the trailer will play sooner than originally thought? With Mission: Impossible 3 perhaps? What about a UK or US TV premiere? Could we have one this week? All conjecture unfortunately, so we’ll have to wait.

    These next days and weeks will be nothing but blissful agony for Bond fans worldwide as we prepare for the first official shots from this edgy 21st installment in the James Bond film series. In the mean time, keep checking back with CBn for all the latest news and coverage on Casino Royale.

    Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond film produced by franchise holders Eon Productions. The MGM/Columbia Pictures production began shooting in January and is due for release worldwide on 17 November 2006. Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it is currently being filmed in the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Italy and the UK.

    The Casino Royale trailer shown on French TV can now be viewed at