1. Casting Tidbits

    By Tim Roth on 2006-01-13


    CBn today can bring you two short Casting tidbits to throw into the big
    Casino Royale rumour pot: French magazine
    Allocine claims that
    Michael Youn’s agent has confirmed to them that the French actor was
    screentested for the role of the villain (side note: again, the villain is not
    being refered to as "Le Chiffre"). Additionally they claim that another French
    actor was screentested last week; a guy called Simon Abkarian. Rumours are that
    he auditioned for the role of Demetrius (see CBn’s news from

    Icelandic actor Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, who has been rumoured to play the
    role of Massus, has confirmed to the Icelandic paper

    , that he indeed travelled to London last week to meet with casting
    agents for Casino Royale. He then auditioned for the role of a henchman, but he
    claims that he is not even sure that his part is going to be in the movie, as
    script doctors seem still to be working on the script. "It would be a honour to
    be killed by James Bond", the actor said. On an interesting side note it is said
    that Björn Hlynur Haraldsson is part of a group called "European Shooting
    Stars", a group that contains 21 young actors. A group, some time ago a certain Daniel Craig was a part of…

    CBn will keep you informed!

    Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond film produced
    by franchise holders Eon Productions. The MGM/Columbia Pictures production
    begins shooting in January and is due for release worldwide on 17 November 2006.
    Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it will be filmed in the Czech Republic,
    the Bahamas, Italy and the UK.