1. Daniel Craig Dishes the Dirt on 'Casino'

    By Matt Weston on 2005-12-22

    Newly-minted James Bond, Daniel Craig has been exceptionally quiet about his appointment to Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    But with his latest film, Steven Spielberg’s Munich, on its way to cinemas worldwide, 007 will no doubt be the numbers on everyone’s lips when it comes to Craig.

    The new James Bond, Daniel Craig

    The new James Bond, Daniel Craig

    Getting the ball rolling is MTV, who have today quizzed Craig on what we can expect from the new Bond flick, Casino Royale.

    “It’s going to be very different from anything else,” Craig said. “It will have certain elements that will make it a Bond movie.”

    “[Screenwriter] Paul Haggis has done a rewrite of the script and has written great dialogue. The lead girl part is fantastic, the characters are all fantastic. It’s a Bond film. We’re making a Bond movie first and foremost.”

    The 37-year-old actor commented that the film, which will be set in the present day, will naturally update Ian Fleming’s original novel (published in 1953). Furthermore, the actor reiterated the controversial “Bond Begins” approach will, indeed, be taken for Casino Royale.

    “There’s a lot of similarities with the book but yes, of course it’s been updated. It has to be. It’s a suspension of disbelief that we’re renewing Bond, and that this is the first time you see him.”

    The actor is also aware of the pressure he is facing now that he has landed the part of the world’s most famous secret agent.

    “Yes, I could fail miserably, but maybe I can do something that’s different and make the franchise last another 30 years – as opposed to another three.”

    Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond film produced by franchise holders Eon Productions. The MGM/Columbia Pictures production begins shooting in January and is due for release worldwide on 17 November 2006. Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it will be filmed in the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Italy and the UK.