1. Dench Claims to be Cast in 'Casino Royale'

    By Matt Weston on 2005-11-21

    Now that the riddle of Pierce Brosnan’s involvement in the next James Bond flick, Casino Royale, is solved, fans can turn their attention to Dame Judi Dench’s commitment to the film which has also been snapping back and forth.

    Dame Judi Dench

    Dame Judi Dench

    In an interview with BBC Five Live, the veteran actress claimed she will indeed be starring in the upcoming Bond film, opposite Daniel Craig in his first turn as 007.

    Dench has been in and out of the project at various points, with director Martin Campbell most recently saying they were in talks with her to reprise her role as “M” (which she has played since Campbell’s first Bond flick, GoldenEye).

    Nonetheless, the script, as it stood at the Casino Royale press conference, does not feature the characters of Q and Moneypenny. The plan also remained for Casino Royale to depict Bond on one of his first missions, which works against the return of Dench as “M”.

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    Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond film produced by franchise holders Eon Productions. The MGM/Columbia Pictures production begins shooting in January and is due for release worldwide on 17 November 2006. Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it will be filmed in the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Italy and the UK.

    Update (24 Nov, 2005):

    Dame Judi Dench has confirmed to Empire Online she will, indeed, be starring in Casino Royale, even offering details on where she will be required for filming.