1. Campbell on the Hunt for Bond

    By Matt Weston on 2005-10-06

    Doing the European press rounds for his Zorro sequel, Casino Royale director Martin Campbell continues to speak candidly about the upcoming 007 flick and the hunt for a new James Bond. Following not one, but two very open interviews, Campbell has spoken to Euro trade paper, Screen International about the ongoing search for the next Agent 007.

    Martin Campbell

    Martin Campbell

    “Believe it or not, to be honest there are no frontrunners at the moment,” Campbell said. “We’ve tested people and will look at those tests and see if there is anybody. It’s a tricky process.”

    “It’s difficult to find the man that every woman wants to go to bed with and every man wants to be. It’s a tough call. And whoever plays Bond has to do it for three movies because they are contracted for three. That’s a big commitment for actors.”

    “They’ll hang us like dogs from the lampposts if we get it wrong,” he added.

    Campbell reiterated that the Bond of Casino Royale will be around the age of 28 or 30, but conceded that could change. “I suppose you could certainly [go for an older actor] and adapt it slightly,” he said.

    The director admitted to taking a “dispassionate” approach to finding Bond #6 by simply observing the candidates as cinemagoers will in 2006: by watching them onscreen in a projection room.

    Campbell also spoke about shooting locations for the film, confirming what CBn first reported a month ago in that Italy is a potential locale. “We’ll be shooting a little bit at Pinewood but not much. We’re going to Prague, maybe Italy, Bahamas and places like that. Like everybody, we’re heading off to where we can get a good exchange rate.”

    On adapting Ian Fleming’s novel, Campbell once again stated the film will be a transformation story for Bond. “Because it’s the first book, it actually has a much younger Bond, and really he’s just earned his double-O stripes and he doesn’t really become the Bond we know and love until the end of the movie.”

    Contrary to rumours of a delay, Campbell maintains the plan is still to begin filming at the end of January and that he hoped to be able to announce the next Bond “as soon as possible”.

    Meanwhile, German news agency DDP reports that Martin Campbell, while speaking to the press about The Legend of Zorro in Berlin, said, “We are currently testing six potential candidates”.

    Expect Casino Royale to remain a hot topic as the Zorro press junket continues.

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