1. French Club Gets 'Royale' Scoop from Campbell

    By johncox on 2005-10-04

    The reliable Club 007 France has scored a major Bond scoop by interviewing Casino Royale director Martin Campbell in Paris. Campbell was in the city for the start of promotion on Legend of Zorro.

    Campbell confirmed that Goran Visnjic, Henry Cavill, Daniel Craig, and Sam Worthington had all screen-tested for the role of James Bond and that the announcement will be made in “less than three weeks.” Campbell also added that Pierce Brosnan, who has recently been touted in the media as being back in contention, will NOT be 007 in the new film.

    Campbell told a ClĂ©ment Cuyer of that he was searching for a James Bond “between 28 and 32” years of age, confirming reports that Casino Royale will feature a “young” 007.

    Campbell then revealed that he is still looking for an actor to play the main villain, Le Chiffre, and that he is considering French actors for the part. This is the first official confirmation that the villain in Casino Royale will have the same name as in the original Ian Fleming novel.

    The director refuted screenwriter Paul Haggis’ recent comments about how Casino Royale would feature “no gadgets.”

    “There will be some gadgets in the film,” said Campbell.

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