1. Robert Wade Talks Haggis' 'Royale' Rewrite

    By Matt Weston on 2005-08-31

    In an interview with James Bond screenwriter Robert Wade, today confirmed Oscar nominee Paul Haggis has joined Casino Royale‘s crew to rewrite the film’s script. The trade revealed Haggis will do a three-week script polish on the second draft of the script before the January 2006 shoot.

    What I can say on behalf of me and [co-writer] Neal [Purvis] is that we completed all the work we were contracted to do on Casino Royale,” Wade said. “It has taken us a year-and-a-half.”

    Everything is written, including the structure – it just needs a polish. If you can bring in a hot talented writer to polish it then great; it is normal on this size of movie. I am sure Paul Haggis will do a great job.”

    Wade also spoke about adapting Fleming’s first James Bond novel (the writing duo’s previous two Bond scripts have been original storylines). “It’s been different really. There is good solid material but it is set around a game of cards and very contained. We are writing it as he has grown to be now and there are expectations we have to meet. A lot of it is our own material.

    It is quite different: it is the story that shows what formed his character. It’s great to be asked to adapt that and show it in a modern context.”

    Asked whether the writing team would return for the 22nd Bond film, Wade responded, “As usual we are not allowed to talk about it.”

    Casino Royale is set to be released in 2006.

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