1. Eon Facing South African Detour

    By johncox on 2005-08-08

    CBn has learned that Eon Productions is having trouble securing shooting locations in South Africa and there is a possibility the producers may be forced to abandon their plans to film in that country.

    James Bond in South Africa

    “I’ve always fancied a trip to South Africa.” – James Bond.

    If so, this could present a real challenge for the 21st James Bond film as all exteriors and location work were scheduled for South Africa. Studio soundstage work is currently planned for Prague.

    This would also be disappointing to Bond fans who found the prospect of Bond traveling to a location we’ve never seen him before exciting.

    It’s hard to say how this potential change might affect the Casino Royale screenplay. While Michael G. Wilson has said South Africa would be a shooting location, it’s not known whether the country plays itself in the film. If South Africa is integral to the plot, it’s doubtful the script could be rewritten at this late stage and Eon would be forced to find new locations that could “double” as the country.

    While Spain doubled for Cuba very effectively in Die Another Day and Thailand doubled for Vietnam in Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond fans long for the days when Bond films were shot in the authentic locations featured in the story. However, the scale of modern film productions, expense, and changing political climates sometimes make this impossible.

    But Bond fans need not worry just yet. It’s possible Eon will sort out their problems and James Bond will get the trip he’s “always fancied” (DAF). But as it stands at the moment, there is now a serious question mark hanging over South Africa as major shooting location in Casino Royale.

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