1. "The list has been whittled down to four."

    By johncox on 2005-07-20

    The race to don James Bond’s dinner jacket has entered the final stages, claims Celia Walden in her SPY column in today’s Telegraph. Walden says those on the shortlist have been summoned to Pinewood studios for final auditions.

    “The list has been whittled down to four,” says what Walden’s calls a well-placed source. “The auditions have reached their most important stage: how the actors fare in the sack. So stand-in Bond girls have been hired to act out select love scenes from past Bond films with the final four actors.”

    Martin Campbell

    Martin Campbell in London for final screen-tests

    While the Telegraph’s record on Casino Royale news has been somewhat spotty, CBn has reason to believe there may be some truth to this report. CBn has learned that director Martin Campbell — who has been busy test screening and fine tuning The Legend of Zorro in California — jetted off to London late last week for a two week stay.

    Is this an indication Campbell is directing “the final four” in their final tests? Could we have our new 007 in two weeks time?

    Bond fans shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. Even if a new 007 comes out of this last round of screen-tests it may still take some time to work out contracts, especially if the new Bond is a star in his own regard. So an “official” announcement may still be some time away.

    Nevertheless, this is an exciting indication that we may be a step (or four steps?) closer to learning the identity of the “man in the silhouette.”

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