1. 'Casino Royale' Moving to Prague

    By Tim Roth on 2005-05-07

    In July 2004 Variety
    that Eon Productions are looking to film Casino Royale in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. However, there was no official confirmation. Later it was reported that Michael G. Wilson visited Prague for private reasons.

    Three days ago, fellow website
    Absolutely James Bond
    reported that it has been brought to their attention “that it is pretty much
    definite that some of Casino Royale will in fact be shot in Prague.” Today, the
    German James Bond Club
    goes a step further and confirms that there will be no shooting in Pinewood at
    all. Instead, the whole production is moving to Prague. CBn’s own sources have now verified this news.

    While there is no further information given, it is likely that Casino Royale
    will be shot in the legendary Barrandov studios. The 1931 built, 9254 m² big
    studios are the biggest ones of the Czech Republic. Several Hollywood movies
    were shot in Prague over the last 5 years, including Sean Connery’s League of
    Extraordinary Gentlemen
    , Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing and Roman Polanski’s Oliver
    . New Bond distributor Sony has also shot a bunch of films there, Vin
    Diesel’s XXX is the best-known.

    Barrandov Studios in Prague

    Barrandov Studios in Prague

    One can only speculate about the reasons for moving to Prague.
    Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but it seems that  Barrandov studios are much
    cheaper than legendary Pinewood. Additionally, taxes are not as high as in

    In a recent interview with

    Prague Post
    , director Roman Polanski called Barrandov studios, “The best studios I
    have ever shot in. I have worked in practically all of the studios of the world
    and at least visited many of them, and I think this is the finest. This is
    really an exceptional tool in our profession. Nowhere else could we have made the film in such a way as we
    did here.”

    Barrandov is unique in Europe, for having one of the
    largest back lots where outdoor sets can be constructed right next to the
    studios for indoor sets.

    Keep watching CBn for all the latest news on Casino Royale.

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