1. The Clive Conundrum

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-03-29

    In the Bond world today, a Clive Owen interview clip on IESB is receiving a lot of attention. This interview was recorded yesterday at the Sin City movie premiere at Mann’s National Theater in Westwood, CA. The transcript of the James Bond-related questions reads as follows…

    Q: Have you found that you have been getting more movie offers?

    Clive Owen: Ya, I look like I’m going to be busy for a little while, which I’m very happy about.

    Q: Yes to Bond or no to Bond?

    Clive Owen: Sorry?

    Q: Bond, James Bond?

    Clive Owen: I’m pretty busy for a while.

    Q: Are their any truths in James Bond rumours then?

    Clive Owen: I’m pretty busy for a while.

    View IESB Clip – 1.34MB” (Windows Media Player)

    James Bond fans seem to be split on what Clive Owen actually meant by his answer. Is he hiding something or is he truly just not interested in the role of 007?

    To add to the discussion is another interview conducted by Charlie Rose, which aired last night on PBS. In this interview, Clive Owen gives an answer about his 007 involvement which is much less “opaque”.

    Charlie Rose: What’s next for you?

    Clive Owen: I’m really not sure. I think I know what I’m doing but nothing’s been absolutely locked off.

    Charlie Rose: It’s nothing you can talk about?

    Clive Owen: No. Exactly.

    Charlie Rose: And all this talk about Bond?

    *long moment of silence*

    Clive Owen: All this talk about Bond. That’s all it is.

    Charlie Rose: It’s all talk?

    Clive Owen: Ya, it is all talk.

    Charlie Rose: Nobody called you up and said would you…

    Clive Owen: Never. Totally unsubstantiated rumours. It’s been flying out there and I can understand why. I do BMW Films and race cars around and a croupier with a tuxedo. So I can understand why that thing’s there. But it’s complete sort of… it’s just been out there in tabloid land for a couple years.

    The interview continued and Owen talked about how he’s more interested in doing a variety of roles. (see clip).

    View Charlie Rose Clip – 4.38MB” (Windows Media Player)

    However, until Eon confirms anything the fans can only speculate.