1. Brosnan Confirms On His Official Website That It's (Really) Over

    By Tim Roth on 2005-02-02

    It’s over. Pierce Brosnan has at last officially and irrevocably
    announced via his official website that his days as James Bond are counted.

    In an update dated February 1st, 2005, Brosnan concludes:

    I would like to thank all of you who have supported me over the last year or so in regard to my playing Bond. It was a decade of my life that I will always hold dear to my heart and a time that will never be forgotten. And you dear friends stood by me throughout. Many, many thanks! But everything comes to an end, and one must accept this decision which cannot be dealt with in any other way but with some kind of grace and knowledge that I did the job to the best of my ability."

    Pierce Brosnan

    CBn has previously reported  that Brosnan has announced his leave on
    several occasions before, but his website post is the first officially confirmed
    word on it. Although Bond fans in the whole world started to accept Brosnan’s
    "retirement" some months ago, there was always a glimmer of hope left.

    While at the beginning of January there was a
    hot rumour that Brosnan was in 007 talks again, CBn has learnt that final attempts to find a solution with Pierce Brosnan have failed.

    Keep watching CBn for the latest news on Bond 21.

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