1. Bond 21 Delayed Again?

    By Tim Roth on 2005-01-09

    The British Mail On Sunday and report today that the next James Bond film, Bond 21, has been further delayed after a series of rows between producer Barbara Broccoli and distributors MGM/Sony.

    According to these two sources, Broccoli is keen to return the spy franchise to the more serious, plot-driven films. CBn reported in July 2004 that the next film is based upon Ian Flemings "Casino Royale", the only novel that has not been turned into an official EON movie yet. CBn has also heard rumours about a more character-driven script lately.

    However, MGM is determined to generate as much money as possible by sticking to the film’s "well-established formula of gadgets, breath-taking stunts and big-budget special effects". The dispute as well as the Pierce Brosnan question, which dominated last year’s Bond news, have already delayed the 21st James Bond film, originally scheduled for a November 2005 release.

    The Mail On Sunday adds that a Hollywood insider says, "It does not bode well. There is a lot of ego, money and belief at stake – no one is backing down. The Broccoli camp believe they are the keepers of an untouchable tradition, and the money men want their megabucks."

    The newspaper also says that the new release date is anytime in "early 2006". CBn reported a while ago that EON was considering an Easter 2006 release for Bond 21.

    CBn will keep you informed!