1. Brosnan Fired From Bond Role!

    By Tim Roth on 2004-10-14

    Pierce Brosnan has confirmed what CBn first reported back in February, that he is not going to return as James Bond. In fact, Brosnan was fired from the role. That’s what the Irish-American actor told Sun Media and the Swedish Afton Bladet.

    “It’s over, it’s over, it’s absolutely over,” Brosnan said this week in Nassau, where he sat with media to promote his latest film, After the Sunset, a heist comedy which slightly parodies his role as a super-secret agent.

    Brosnan said he was willing, even eager, to do a fifth and final Bond, adding that 007 producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson had asked him to return, although no contracts were signed. "They invited me back right before I went to present that film. They said: ‘We’re so happy with the success, we want you to come back!’ I went on the road as a happy man, you know. I thought we’d get a fifth and no more. That would be it, really. And then one day the phone rang – I was here (in Nassau shooting After the Sunset) – and my agents told me that the goal posts had moved and that they had changed their minds," Brosnan said with a weary tone, with a sigh.

    The now Irish-American actor added that "It’s very hard to find the truth in that town (Hollywood) or in this business at times. But it was their prerogative to change their minds. They can do it!" And they might have done it "to go younger," Brosnan said. "It was disappointing. It was surprising. And I accepted the knowledge (that his run as 007 was over for good) after 24 hours of being in shock."

    On the other hand, Brosnan admitted that he kind of felt that the end was coming. "If you have that thought ruminating in your head – knowing that things are going to change, knowing that you’re going to get older, knowing it only lasts a certain amount of time playing a certain role – then you clearly prepare yourself for what’s down the road, even though you don’t know what’s down the road. But you prepare yourself emotionally. So you know something’s going to be finished, it’s going to be over. And it comes with a great disappointment, but it also comes with a great satisfaction of having achieved the success with it that I had achieved."

    Brosnan claimed he harbours no bitterness. "None, none, none! It’s not worth having. If I did, it would make all the great decade, the four films, the lovely success, meaningless. Bitterness against whom, and for what reason?"

    But he admitted there is some satisfaction in seeing the franchise stumble, with Bond 21 postponed for at least a year. "Go figure!" Brosnan said with a wry grin.

    Keep watching CBn for the latest news on Bond 21.

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