1. Bond 21 Shooting For Spring 2006?

    By The CBn Team on 2004-10-05

    CBn has learned from sources that Eon Productions and MGM are considering a Spring 2006 release date for Bond 21. This follows last week’s news that the original November 2005 release date has been scrapped.

    While it’s unusual for a James Bond film to move away from the Summer or Christmas movie seasons (the traditional time for “event” movies), a late March or early April release would have its benefits. Spring would move Bond 21 well away from such competitors as Mission Impossible III and the next Jason Bourne movie. Eon may even time Bond 21’s release to coincide with the Easter holiday (March 27) and position itself as the only “event” movie for months before the onslaught of Summer blockbusters.

    After Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ grossed over $300 million during the Spring 2004 season, studios may be warming to March and April as a viable time to release movies that were traditionally reserved for Summer or Christmas.

    A Spring ’06 release for Bond 21 also agrees with the rumours of an April ’05 production start date.

    Keep watching CBn for the latest news on Bond 21.

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