1. New Rumours Concerning The Next James Bond Actor

    By Tim Roth on 2004-09-12

    Tim Roth

    Who is going on to play James Bond in the next installment of the longest-running blockbuster franchise in film history?

    Today British tabloid "Sunday Mirror" has struck again and reported that Dougray Scott is the next James Bond. "He has beaten an army of rivals including Hulk star Eric Bana plus fellow Brits Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffud to take over cinema’s most famous role from Pierce Brosnan.", reports the tabloid.

    Scott Dougray

    Dougray Scott

    Dougray Scott is 38 years old and ironically from Scotland. He had his most famous role in Mission: Impossible 2. According to the paper he "won his role after discussions with Barbara Broccoli, producer of the long-running spy series. She wants to return 007 to his film roots." Furthermore they report: "A source revealed: ‘Producers have been eager to take Bond back to the broody and sexy figure that Sean was so brilliant at. Obviously it’s not possible for Sean to return at his age, so they have been looking for a young actor with similar characteristics. Since then Barbara and Dougray have been in talks – and she believes he will be the perfect new 007 for the 21st Century.’"

    While it first seems that this is just another rumour, it could possibly be true. Dougray Scott was one of the names mentioned by sources in the past. But is this really how Eon would annouce the new Bond actor? Or was the story just leaked? It seems likely that details about Bond 21 are going to emerge soon, if the stories of the Time Warner/MGM deal are true. Maybe an official statement is to follow. Watch this space.

    Today also another name made the news: Pierce Brosnan. Has he really lost his license to kill or was it just a big misunderstanding? In an interview about his new movie, After the Sunset, the Irish-born actor tells magazine "Los Angeles Confidential" that he isn’t out for sure. Asked "Speaking of seminal roles, Pierce, you recently announced that you were finished playing James Bond", Brosnan replied "There was no announcement. I think the reporter heard it wrong. I think what I said was, "I’ve had my fill of talking about Bond." The reporter further asked "So there was not an official announcement that you were finished doing Bond films?" and Brosnan answered that "it was not an official announcement."

    So – where does that leave us? Is Brosnan in or out, is Dougray Scott the new Bond? Actually, there still seems to some "paralysis" at EON Productions. An insider over at "Absolutely James Bond" message board put it like this:

    The project has been, let’s face it, "In Development Hell" for a while, you’ve had:

    • The Death of Dana Broccoli
    • Mickey and Babs’ "paralysis"
    • Is Pierce doing it?
    • Is there a new Bond?
    • Who’s Directing it?
    • Wade & Purvis’ "Writer’s Block"
    • The MGM sale

    AJB Insider

    Stay tuned. CBn will keep you updated and informed.