1. Rumour: Julian McMahon next in line to play James Bond?

    By Tim Roth on 2004-08-17

    After Pierce Brosnan has stepped down from the James Bond role, Eric Bana, James Purefoy, Orlando Bloom and Jude Law were the most recent candidates for becoming Bond #6. However, today Ain’t It Cool News‘ "Moriaty", who reported a few weels ago that Eric Bana was MGM’s top choice, tells us that Eon wants another actor for the role: young Australian Julian McMahon.

    Julian McMahon

    Julian McMahon

    "Moriaty" writes: EON Films has very different feelings about who is going to step in to play 007 in the next Bond picture, and somewhere in the world on this fine Tuesday morning, Julian McMahon is evidently sitting down with Barbara Broccoli to talk about the finer points of owning a license to kill.

    Still, that doesn’t mean McMahon is in as James Bond. Julian McMahon was born in 1968 in Sydney/Australia and starred in TV series like "Charmed" and "Profiler" in the past. Some weeks ago, he signed a contract to play evil Doctor Doom in "The Fantastic Four".

    However, this is only a rumour and has to be treated like this.