1. New Claims: Brosnan Out For Bond 21 Following Dispute

    By Matt Weston on 2004-07-10

    A new report from the respected UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph has broken the recent silence on the Pierce Brosnan Axed saga, which has been fuelling ever since the story first broke in early February. In Saturday’s edition, Charlie Methven wrote in his Spy column that Brosnan has been left out in the cold following a feud with the producers.

    According to the newspaper’s unnamed source, producer Barbara Broccoli became annoyed with Brosnan after he demanded a “Tom Cruise-level” paycheck for the next film and then publicly complained about being “snubbed”. Upon learning that the producers were beginning to search elsewhere for their 007, Brosnan reportedly changed his tune, but it appears he missed his chance. The IMDb had reported a similar story in early May, although with a different outcome, believing that Brosnan had made amends with the producers. However, speaking in late May, Brosnan made clear once again that his future in the role was still uncertain.

    According to the source for this latest news, the script penned by screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis (erroneously referred to in the article as “Andrew Neal”) is ready and signals a change of direction for the series. Purvis and Wade reportedly convinced Barbara Broccoli that the avenue to take for Bond 21 was that of an “old-style” Bond flick, as opposed to a special-effects-driven blockbuster. “Without all the special effects, the film will work best with a young, fresh actor,” explains the insider. “Andrew and Robert have at last persuaded everyone at the production company, Eon, that a traditional Bond is the way forward. So now it looks like Brosnan’s services won’t be required.” Whilst it is hard to believe that these two relatively new members of the Bond family have enough clout to persuade Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson to shift their focus for Bond 21, if a falling-out has occurred between Brosnan and the producers, there may not be much persuading needed after all.

    Outside of the Brosnan fiasco, the source informs the newspaper that the film is still on-target for a 2005 release, and that “they” (presumably the writers and the producers) are heading out to Los Angeles in two weeks’ time with the ready script to “hammer out the details”.

    Despite all this, however, the situation remains definitively unresolved to the public until Eon Productions make their official announcement. With the newspaper’s alledged inside information, Eon still refused to return article writer Methven’s calls regarding the matter.

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