1. Brosnan Says 007 Future Still Uncertain

    By Guest writer on 2004-05-30

    Written by Matt Weston

    Whilst doing the press junkets for his new film, Laws of Attraction current James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, spoke quite vocally about his current status as Agent 007. Virtually every interview he participated in echoed the same statements. Talk of “paralysis” and “impassés”, as vague as they were, revealed that something was, indeed, awry behind the scenes of the as-yet-untitled twenty-first James Bond film. In the occasional interview, Brosnan even turned towards making some unamicable comments about the franchise’s producers and MGM.

    However, in recent weeks, everything has been rather quiet. Some fans speculated that this was attributed to negotiations gearing up once more, whilst others felt the silence was merely the result of Brosnan being out of the public light once Laws of Attraction entered cinemas. A little over a week ago, the IMDb reported that Brosnan had made amends with the series’ producers and that he would return in the next Bond film, further adding fuel to the fire.

    But on Friday, Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! reported that uncertainty still very much hangs over Brosnan’s future as 007. In a radio interview with Brosnan that took place on the morning of May 26, British radio station, “Jazz FM”, inevitably turned the focus towards the current Bond 21 situation. In response, Brosnan stated that he still didn’t know if “they” (the Bond producers) wanted him back for the next film. In the special cinema news segment, “Jazz FM” tackled the Bond 21 scenario with Pierce head-on, but it seems that nothing has been resolved, yet.

    MKKBB also notes that there is contining speculation in the media about the future of the series. The June 2004 issue of Dreamwatch magazine claims that the Bond series faces an “uncertain future”, saying that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were penning a “generic” Bond 21 script that would work with or without Brosnan as Bond. The June 2004 issue of Starburst goes one step further, claiming it as fact that Brosnan will be replaced for the next film, by either Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen, two men Pierce has previously revealed that the producers have spoken to about the role (despite the fact that the two of them have denied being approached).

    With rumours being published going every which way on the Brosnan/Bond situation, it is apparent that the scenario is seemingly unchanged. With a production date for Bond 21 looming, and no end in sight for the Brosnan saga, the series is amidst some interesting times indeed.

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