1. Bonded to TV Guide

    By Devin Zydel on 2004-05-18

    For The World is not Enough and Die Another Day, there were numerous locations one could look for interesting bits of information about the making of the film. One such location was the special TV Guide issues that were printed with information about the films and all things related to James Bond 007.

    Totally Bond

    November 13-19, 1999

    Issue Price: $1.99

    This special TV Guide issue was meant to market off the 19th official James Bond film, The World is not Enough. (A special oversize magazine issue was also made available)

    Bond and Beyond

    The main article tells of how Pierce Brosnan seems to have hit an all time high. With his marriage to Keely Shaye Smith, success on The Thomas Crown Affair, his two year old son, and his integral part in the Bond franchise, everything seems to be flowing along perfectly.

    The newest Bond film is described as being much more relaxed, and more of Brosnan’s own film. Asked the question of will he be returning for another Bond film, he answers “I don’t know. I can’t give you an honest answer.” The articles finishes up with some further information on Brosnan’s career, and how he got to the role he has at present time, James Bond.

    Licensed to Still Thrill

    Licensed to Still Thrill is a fantastic and fun little interview with past Bond film stars, Luciana Paluzzi, Lana Wood, Jane Seymour, Lois Chiles, Maud Adams, Lynn-Holly Johnson, and Tanya Roberts. They all discuss the general Bond news, their specific roles in the films, some interesting facts, and then, of course, who was the best Bond. Apparently the rumor was that they were all to be in the next Bond film.

    Raymond Benson’s: Live at Five

    To conclude this issue is the real treat–Raymond Benson’s third short story, ‘Live at Five’. A short, but very intriguing story where James Bond assists in his own special way at a skating rink while on a mission set during the Soviet Union era. The story ends with an unexpected, yet satisfying twist.

    Bond is Forever

    November 9-15, 2002

    Issue Price: $1.99

    This TV Guide issue capitalized on 40 years of James Bond and the newest 007 film, Die Another Day.

    Brosnan takes Bond to the Xtreme / The Spy Who Loved Him

    The main articles focus on the rigorous working schedule for this monumental film, how it is connected to being the 20th film, for the 40th anniversary, and how this one will push the boundaries. Halle Berry explains how the role of Bond women are constantly changing over time and tells a little bit about her character in the film. Both articles focus also on the general information on both Berry and Brosnan. Concluding the first article, Brosnan claims the next Bond will have to wait longer as he seems quite confident that he would want to a fifth Bond film.

    For Your Eyes Only: Best and Worst

    Andy Lane and Paul Simpson’s own personal ratings are included that focus on some selected good and bad points of the series. Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me are two of the common “best” choices, while Moonraker and A View to a Kill seem to show up more in the “worst” selection.

    Touch of Evil

    The villains get a say as Rick Yune, Richard Kiel, Robert Davi, and Maud Adams all speak about their roles as Bond villains and how they interacted with their specific James Bond in each film. They also comment on the newest Bond adventure and on Pierce Brosnan.

    Double Oh Once

    George Lazenby is the focus on the final article in this TV Guide issue, as it explains exactly why he’s known as the Bond who only did one, how he has moved on his life, and what he thought of his involvement with the series.

    Corgi Die Another Day offer

    A special Corgi limited edition James Bond car set order form is included, as are a few noted James Bond specials that would appear on television in the upcoming weeks.