1. Brosnan Confirms The Producers Are Talking to Jackman & Owen

    By Guest writer on 2004-04-27

    Written by: Matt Weston (aka: [dark])
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    In an interview with Cinema Confidential, Pierce Brosnan has not only confirmed that the 007 producers are talking to other actors for the role of James Bond in the yet-to-be-named Bond 21, but has also named names!

    When asked if there was another actor he thought the producers would go with, Brosnan revealed that the producers had been speaking to both Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen about overtaking the role. The actors received Brosnan’s blessing, after he claimed they are both “fantastic” actors.

    Aside from this admission, Brosnan’s talk of Bond was not unlike the usual mumbo-jumbo we’ve been hearing from him lately, as he spoke of the producers’ paralysis, and that they do not know which direction to take.

    Q: Where does the new Bond film stand right now?

    PIERCE: It doesn’t stand anywhere. I don’t know what’s happening. There’s a paralysis that has come upon the producers. They don’t know whether to go forwards, backwards, sideways – I don’t know. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve honored my contract of doing four [Bond] movies. They know where to find me if they want me for the fifth.

    Q: Is there someone else do you think that could be the next Bond?

    PIERCE: Oh, there will always be someone else. If I was the fifth [Bond], there can always be a sixth.

    Q: Is there another actor you think they will go with?

    PIERCE: Yeah, I mean they’ve talked to Hugh Jackman and to Clive Owen – both actors are really fantastic and have the chops for it. I have no idea. I really don’t concern myself. I don’t lose sleep over it. I don’t wake up thinking, you know, ‘Am I going to be the next Bond?’ or ‘Is someone else going to be the next Bond.’ I have to let that one go, I really wouldn’t do myself any justice if I would lose sleep over it. If it’s the end of the ride, then so be it. I can move on and make films like “Evelyn,” “Thomas Crown,” or this movie… The movie has put me on a landscape on an international level, and for an actor, that’s a magnificent gift to have.

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