1. Brosnan ‘On The Record with Bob Costas’

    By Evan Willnow on 2004-04-17

    Appearing in an interview on HBO’s ‘On The Record with Bob Costas’, to plug his new movie Laws Of Attraction Pierce Brosnan speaks of playing the role of James Bond, and gives Costas a hint of the future.

    Unfortunately, the questions on the top of everyone’s mind were asked off camera, but Costas shared some of the answers with the audience. Costas: ‘I asked about doing a fifth Bond movie and his answer was non-commital though he did say with an enticing script he’d be willing to suit up again.’ Costas also gave us this bit, ‘ [Brosnan told me] that he thought Jackman would make an excellent choice.’

    On camera Brosnan could not avoid Costas’ questions about Bond. On his predessors Brosnan says ‘Connery, he’s the one who casts the big shadow. Roger Moore was fantastic but for me as an actor there was only one man to take the belt from—to get in the ring with—was to face Connery. He was a huge hero of mine.’

    And on Dalton, ‘When you read the books [Bond’s] a very kind of dark character and Tim Dalton really did a darn good job, but the public didn’t want that. They didn’t want that sombre Bond.’

    A humourous moment came when Brosnan tells Costas of his first meeting with Sean Connery, ‘I saw him there about four years ago breifly one morning as I was closing the trunk of the car, there he was. (In Connery voice) “Pierce, good morning. Are they paying you enough money?” (back in his own voice) “Ah… Sean hey how you doing?” and then he was gone. He’d just come down to the studio for a haircut.’

    Costas also asked, ‘Do you ever wish you could play Bond back in the From Russia With Love or Dr. No days? Before the special effect became such a big part of it.’ Pierce answered, ‘Oh yeah. I mean I think that’s what’s lacking is the character—more of the character—the stillness of the character. I’ve spoken to them about it, but I think they want to keep the big opening sequences, and they want to keep the pyrotechnics going. I would like to have much more of a thriller aspect to it. … You could still have the big bang for the buck, I think. I think you can have your cake and eat it with this.’

    Pierce’s entire interview on ‘On The Record with Bob Costas’ will be replayed through out this week on HBO and HBO2 Check your local listings.

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