1. Pierce Keeps Pressure on Bond Producers

    By johncox on 2004-04-02

    Pierce Brosnan is keeping the pressure on Bond producers by once again speaking out at a press conference in Mexico City where he’s currently shooting The Matador, a film in which Pierce plays a hit man at the end of his game. This time Brosnan added a new detail to story, stating that the producers had invited him back last year to play 007 in Bond 21. This was widely reported at the time, and is still pointed to by some news sources as “confirmation” that he will return. Yet Pierce’s comments yesterday seem to imply that the offer is no longer on the table.

    When asked directly about the Bond situation by reporters, Pierce (now sporting a moustache for the new film) had this to say:

    Pierce: “The producers last year invited me back, and I said ‘Yes.’ They now seem to be in a malaise of confusion as to how to go forward.”

    When asked who he would like to be the next James Bond, Pierce leaned toward his microphone, locked eyes with the reporter and answered:

    Pierce: “Me.”

    Pierce summed up his thoughts on the situation with what has become his standard final word to Eon:

    Pierce: “They know where to find me if they want me for the next one.”

    Are Pierce and the producers locked in a Mexican standoff?

    Eon has yet to comment.

    SOURCES: Associated Press. BBC News.
    Thanks to [dark] and Jim for the tip.