1. Brosnan: "My Future As 007 Is Opaque"

    By Tim Roth on 2004-03-01

    Hollywood trade paper Variety has caught up with Pierce Brosnan on yesterday’s Academy Awards Ceremony, where he presented an Oscar. As for whether he will be back for another Bond outing, Brosnan stated that a return to the role of James Bond for Bond 21 was "opaque"!

    Three weeks ago CBn’s sources already confirmed that Brosnan was out. On February 16th, 2004, Eon Publicity Manager Catherine McCormack admitted that no contract with Brosnan has been signed as yet. Speculation is that either Brosnan is too old for the role or he demanded a too high salary.

    It seems that websites and magazines that reported CBn’s news as "untrue" were wrong or at least premature. Stay tuned!

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    Source: Comingsoon.Net