1. Eon Says That Brosnan is Bond 'For Now'

    By Tim Roth on 2004-02-16

    Empire Online has spoken with Eon Productions about the rumours that Pierce Brosnan is no longer James Bond. As CBn reported previously, MKKBB as well as our own sources had it confirmed last week that Pierce Brosnan is out.

    Eon’s Publicity Manager Catherine McCormack has told Empire Online that ‘For now, Pierce Brosnan is our James Bond. We haven’t made any statement to say he isn’t our James Bond. It’s so difficult to comment, when we don’t have a script or even a start date." The magazine asked if Brosnan still has a contract with Eon, and McCormack said that "He signed an initial three contract deal with us and from then on it’s on a film by film basis. So he hasn’t signed one yet."

    CBn’s take:
    These statements seem to be very diplomatic. Rumours can be denied or confirmed, so this is essentially a "non-statement". What does "for now" mean? And what about "It’s so difficult to comment…"? If Brosnan is in Bond 21, then he’s in Bond 21. Why not say so?

    This statement could contribute to the recent confusion surrounding Pierce Brosnan even more.

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