By The CBn Team on 2004-02-11

    As now reported in many news sources around the World (including: Chicago Sun Times & MKKBB), CBn can now confirm from its own sources close to the negotiations for Bond 21 that Pierce Brosnan will not be returning to the role of James Bond.

    Brosnan had previously stated that he was good for five, perhaps six films, tying him with Sean Connery’s term with Eon. This no longer seems to be case.

    Brosnan has stepped into the role of 007 four times (Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day). Each film he made did better in the global market than the previous one, with DAD being second only to Thunderball in adjusted total worldwide gross. Die Another Day also saw the theme song nominated for two Grammy Awards and featured an acadamy award winning actress (Halle Berry) as the main Bond girl.

    However, Brosnan’s term was not without controversy. Some fans felt that Bond had gone too far into the world gadgets and pop culture, while others complained about poor plots and dialogue. Brosnan himself was injured in each of the films he made, hurting his back in the final fight sequence of GE, having his face cut open in TND, getting burned in the back while filming TWINE, and most famously, hurting his knee while filming the hovercraft sequence in DAD.

    Negotiations finalising Brosnan’s Bond 21 contract are said to have ceased, and the search for the next James Bond is well underway. Though no replacement has been found at this time, filming of Bond 21 is still reported to begin in early 2005. Eon Productions is said to be waiting to make an announcement until Brosnan?s successor is named.

    But even when the sixth James Bond steps into the gunbarrel, for many Bond fans young and old, Pierce Brosnan’s tenure will cast a heavy shadow over those that follow for he succeeded in entertaining millions. CBn wish Mr. Brosnan all the best for the future, and all the best to the forthcoming Bond number six.