1. Brosnan's Head is on the Block?

    By Evan Willnow on 2004-02-10

    Sources inside Eon Productions have confirmed that while Pierce Brosnan is not definitely out of the 007 role, Eon is looking at the possibility of replacing him. Our source reports that the recent news stories about Brosnan having already been axed from the role of James Bond are not entirely false.

    From what can be made of the information coming out of the production company, the recent leaks of Brosnan being fired are ‘trial balloons’ to test the audiences reaction to the possibility of Brosnan being replaced. If there is a huge backlash to this news Eon could still choose to back down and deny the whole thing as rumour.

    At first this whole rumour appeared to be yet another PR stunt to get another actor’s name in the news. However, with no official denial from any company involved that has recently been very fast to deny rumours, it would seem what our source inside Eon is saying could very well be true. Which is that Eon Productions are looking at the possibility of replacing Pierce Brosnan with a younger actor, but they want to see what Bond fan’s reactions would be first.

    This all comes on the heels of the wide release of Everything Or Nothing, the first James Bond video game to feature both the looks and original voice content of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

    Update: Source now confirm that Pierce Brosnan no longer has the role of James Bond. See this story for details.

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