1. BBC Touts Incorrect Bond 21 Title

    By daniel on 2003-11-05

    A misprint in a BBC article has caused a flurry of comments today, with some believing the article mentioned the first rumoured title for the next James Bond film, Bond 21.

    The article, which discusses the film industry in India, referred to “the next James Bond film Die After Tomorrow”. The lacklustre title, Bond-esque solely for use of the words ‘die’ and ‘tomorrow’, was taken by some to be a rumoured Bond 21 title. However, one CBn Forum user has noted that the title is actually a misquote and misuse of actor Pierce Brosnan’s forthcoming film, The Day After Tomorrow.

    Despite it being in the early stages, it is expected that news sources will soon start touting false titles for Bond 21. The actual title is not expected to be announced by MGM or Eon Productions until early 2005.

    To discuss the title visist this thread of the Bond 21 Forums. Thanks to Loomis and MrDraco for the tip-off