1. Mariah Carey To Sing For Bond 21?

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2003-08-06

    After the oh-so-unlikely rumour of Pink being in talks with producers regarding the next Bond film two weeks ago, CBn can report that Mariah Carey is now supposedly meeting with MGM and Eon.

    Rumours circulating in the US suggest that Carey has already agreed to sing the lead track from the 21st Bond film, according to Dotmusic News.

    The film – which is scheduled to be Pierce Brosnan’s last in the role – is (apparently) in the early stages of pre-production but Carey could come on board if she gets a cameo role herself.

    Dotmusic reports that Carey is interested in a part in the movie on a similar standing as Madonna’s brief recent appearance in Die Another Day, which didn’t go down to well with fans.

    “Mariah has had meetings with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson,” an unnamed source is reported to have said.

    “She was asked if she’d consider singing the theme tune for Bond 21. Mariah said she wanted a part in the new film although the story hasn’t been discussed yet.”
    Just the sort of role she would need to kick-start her flagging career.

    If the film is tipped for a 2005 release then this all seems very premature. In fact, it’s premature even for a 2004 release, so CBn sincerely suggests as with the Pink report, that you treat this as a highly unlikely rumour.
    However, whatever happens, will keep you informed.

    Source: With thanks to doublenoughtspy for the tip-off. Please discuss in this thread of the CBn Forums.