1. Pink As Possible Bond Girl?

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2003-07-24

    According to self professed “gossip guru” Sky News’ Neil Sean, singer Pink is supposedly “being lined up for a role” in Bond 21.

    In a recent poll in the US, singer Pink was voted one of the most influential people for young teens to emulate, and after she scored a worldwide hit with the theme tune to the latest Charlie Angels flick Full Throttle “Feel Good Time”, Sean writes that he can “reveal she is being lined up for a role in the next James Bond film.”

    Supposedly she has no desire to play “a fluffy girl”.

    She apparently wants to make Bond fall for her in an adventurous role – she has no intention of being soppy.

    I must stipulate that any information regarding the forthcoming Bond film is merely rumour, and has to be treated as such until confirmed by either Eon or MGM.

    Source: Sky News. If you would like to discuss this please make use of this thread of the CBn Forums, where you can also voice your opinion and vote on the news.