1. Campbell Not Available For Possible 2004 Shooting!

    By Tim Roth on 2003-07-17

    Despite all rumours, "GoldenEye" director Martin Campbell won’t be available for a possible Bond 21 shooting in early 2004. As "Dark Horizons" reports today, "Antonio Banderas confirmed to The Associated Press that filming on the [Zorro] sequel will begin in February with the same writers & director onboard, but no word about Zeta-Jones yet."

    The same director means that Martin Campbell, who directed "The Mask of Zorro" in 1998, will be onboard for the sequel. Insiders reported two weeks ago that Campbell was "close to signing the contract to Bond 21". Which can still be true, but if so it would confirm that Bond 21 will definately be shot in 2005.

    Thanks to ‘level007’ for the alert, be sure to discuss the topic in this thread of CBn’s Bond 21 forums!