1. Unofficial Confirmation of Location Scouting

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2003-07-02

    Previously CBn reported that South Africa was a rumoured possible location for the next Bond film, well the same has been echoed over at the Absolutely James Bond Forums by Bond insider Pierce-B, who has proved in the past that his information is usually bang-on.

    Pierce-B has also made an interesting addition to the rumour; that Liverpool, England, home of the ‘scouser’ is also being scouted as a possible 00-destination. Which will be the third time in a film that Bond has been seen out of his home town in England if this rumour turns out to be fact.

    It is possible, however, that the team are merely scouting for areas in Liverpool to double for certain locations, as Holywell Bay in Cornwall and Aldershot in the UK doubled for Korea in Die Another Day.

    Morton Slumber has also just reported that filming on the next Bond film will start in January 2004, presumably for a November 2004 release, even though the next film had been projected for a 2005 release, continuing the three-year gap that existed between The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. This is exciting news!

    As usual, will keep everyone informed as further details come to light that confirm or deny these rumours. No official announcement has been made about any of this as yet.

    Thanks to Pierce-B over at Absolutely James Bond for the information, and also thanks to Morton Slumber. Please feel free to discuss this in this thread of the CBn Forums.