1. Rumour on Bond 21 location scouting

    By Brett McAleer on 2003-07-02

    Just a quickie to say that it is possible that locations in South Africa may currently be scouted for the next Bond movie designated for the time being as just Bond 21.

    CBn Forum member, Morton Slumber, has posted a small note to say that “Locations are being scouted there now, apparently.”

    Many fans have wished for Bond to travel to the southern part of the “Dark Continent” in one of his next adventures. The last time that Bond visited Africa was in 1987’s The Living Daylights when Bond was in Tangiers, Morocco, and before that, in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me in which he was chasing after the submarine tracking microfilm in Egypt. However, both were in northern Africa, while the only other movie to be partly set on the continent was Diamonds Are Forever in 1971, which featured a diamond smuggling operation in South Africa, but Bond was never in that part of the world. will keep everyone informed as further details come to hand that may confirm or deny this “rumour,” which unfortunately, is all it can be called at this stage as no official anouncement has been made about this yet.

    Thanks to Morton for bringing us this tidbit of information, and please feel free to discuss this in this thread of the Bond 21 (2005) Forum in the CBn Forums.