1. Brosnan Signs Bond 21 Contract

    By Tim Roth on 2003-05-13

    Yahoo! Germany reports that Pierce Brosnan has just signed the contract for Bond 21, with an option for Bond 22. Pierce is quoted as having said "I think playing James Bond six times and turn down the role then, this would be pretty cool".

    In another sentence it is mentioned that the next James Bond is currently being worked on. This would be contrary to Michael G. Wilson’s statement about Bond 21 in the recent edition of British magazine "Film Review", where he is quoted to have said "As for Bond 21, it’s not even a glimmer in it’s mother’s eye. It’s a matter of logistics, it takes time to make these films and they get bigger and bigger, and they take more and more planning… I reckon it would be at least three years from the last film".

    Anyway, be sure to discuss the topic in this thread of CBn’s Bond 21 forums!