1. Bond 21 Filming In Jan '04?

    By daniel on 2003-03-05

    Bond 21 may start lensing in January of 2004 according to a report from Matt Sherman’s BondList.

    An e-mail, sent to all members of the list, stated that “one of BONDLIST’s best sources” has revealed that Pinewood Studio’s has been reserved for Bond 21 as of August 2003.

    While August 2003 wouldn’t indicate the start of filming, it would indicate the start of pre-production for the film. While James Bond’s most recent adventure, Die Another Day, began filming in January 2002 the production of sets, props and attire began around October 2001.

    If Pinewood has indeed been booked out for August 2003 Bond 21 would start filming in January 2004.

    BondList’s source has indicated that “December ’04 has been targeted for the” release of Bond 21 in the United States.

    The news does, however, contradict earlier comments by MGM’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Yemenidjian that producers were “going to take three years to do the next one”. Yemenidjian did reveal, however, that scripting would begin in early 2003 indicating that Neil Purvis and Robert Wade may have already started on the script.

    If you’d like to discuss the release date please visit this thread of the Bond 21 Forums. Thanks to Zencat for the tip-off