1. Bill Clinton Again Touted For Cameo

    By daniel on 2003-02-24

    Former US President Bill Clinton has again been rumoured for a cameo appearance in a James Bond film, this time Bond 21.

    Britain’s Daily Mail reported that actor Pierce Brosnan asked Clinton if he’d be interested in appearing in the next James Bond film, and Clinton “told Brosnan to arrange a meeting with his agent and see if a part and suitable pay cheque could be worked out”.

    Obviously the news is about as true as it was during the Bond 20 rumour mill, where it appeared on January 14, 2001. The new article also states that filming for Bond 21 will begin in 2004, though 2005 is the year currently indicated by MGM.

    If you’d like to discuss this rumour please visit this thread of the Bond 21 Forums. Thanks to mkkbb for the tip-off.

    Source: Sky News