1. Title & Plot Rumours Surface Already

    By daniel on 2003-02-09

    The chances are that Bond 21 won’t hit theatres until 2005, but that hasn’t stopped cinema magazine Hotdog publishing the first plot and title rumours for the film.

    In ‘The Insider’, a section of Hotdog based upon supposedly inside information, an article indicates that Bond 21 will be based upon Fleming’s Casino Royale. The article states that the film has been given the working title Royale Flush, with the plot will “incorporate La Chief, the villian from the novel, into a plot where he joins forces with Falco, Michael Madsen’s now rogue FDA agent from the last film. One plot element is certain: Bond is now on Falco’s trial”.

    Of course, the plot line seems completely bogus due to several faults. Falco works for the National Security Agency (NSA) and not the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and, furthermore, Casino Royale‘s villain is Le Chiffre and not La Chief.

    If you’d like to discuss the rumours please visit this thread of the Bond 21 Forums. Thanks to bondsgal and Kate for the tip-off.