1. Armstrong Location Scouts Australia?

    By Tim Roth on 2003-02-02

    The latest edition of Australian womens magazine “Woman’s Day” feautres a short article on Vic Armstrong’s trip to Queensland, Australia, late last year:


    Here’s a hot tip – it looks like the next James Bond blockbuster could be filmed in Noosa, but it’s not likely to be called “From Noosa With Love”.

    Hollywood producer Vic Armstrong – who has been a Bond stuntman since 1967’s “You Only Live Twice” and was the second unit director of “Die Another Day”, visited Queensland’s Sunshine Coast late last year.

    He based himself in the Noosa Sheraton and hired several local location spotters to guide him about the area’s many natural attractions, including Fraser Island.

    Vic also appeared in a brief documentary shot by local film-maker Michael Butler, who put the former stuntman through his 007 paces at the Gold Coast’s Indy 300 car race.

    Michael says Vic liked what he saw during his whirlwind visit and suggests there’s a good chance that he’ll nominate Noosa as the perfect setting for the next instalment in the Bond series.

    The article incorrectly refers to Armstrong as a producer, as he serves as the 2nd Unit Director on the James Bond films. Armstrong’s trip to Australia may, however, be too early to be location scouting for Bond 21.

    Be sure to discuss the news in this thread of CBn’s Bond 21 forums! And thanks to forum member “Melancholy Productions” for the alert!